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Smiley was simply a once in a lifetime, heart and soul kind of dog. A beautiful, purebred, Australian Shepherd passed around the first few years of her life for behavior issues, landed with Barbara Jean in September of 2001 and truly changed her life. Barbara Jean was exercising horses for a woman at the time in Walpole, Massachusetts when the owner asked her if she could bring out a new dog that she had just adopted and is having trouble working with. She told Barbara Jean she wasn’t sure if the dog was going to bite her or not so “don’t make any sudden movements”. Barbara Jean laughed and said “Bring It On!” The second they laid eyes on each other, it was love at first sight. This Australian Shepherd had an attitude, as did Barbara Jean at the time and it was just a perfect match right out of the gate. They got each other instantaneously and the unwavering bond started from there. 


Barbara Jean started working with Smiley day in and day out both at the barn and at home. She then started taking the dog home with her for sleepovers here and there which eventually turned into longer and longer stays and ultimately her keeping her forever. In fact, the very first night Barbara Jean brought Smiley home, she neglected to ask her mother for permission first to do so. Later that night when her mom came home after Barbara Jean was already in bed, Smiley met her at the front door with a mouthful of teeth, barking, snarling and guarding the house with her life. Barbara Jean’s mom Beth was shocked and surprised to say the least considering there wasn’t a dog in the house when she left… Needless to say, it was not off to a good start with Smiley being in her home. However, that issue quickly faded and Beth and Smiley soon began building both trust and respect for one another more and more each day.

Barbara Jean was at the barn daily working with Smiley around the horses, other dogs and even took her on trail rides with her through the woods. When Barbara Jean entered into an agricultural highschool, she had the unique opportunity to take Smiley to school with her and that she did…. on the bus and everything! Barbara Jean was a Canine Science major at Norfolk County Agricultural High School in Walpole, Massachusetts which allowed her to bring Smiley to school and work with her during class as well. But even that wasn’t enough for her. Barbara Jean then started to bring Smiley to night classes as well. After she went to school with her all day, the barn in the afternoon, they then went to group classes at night where they trained in AKC obedience, agility and rally. And next came the show ring! Barbara Jean and Smiley started competing in these 3 sports and loved every minute of it! Smiley had gone from a dangerous behavior case that was going to be put down, to a blue ribbon show dog owned and handled by a young teenager. She moved through the levels with ease and collected numerous titles along the way. She even earned her Canine Good Citizen, as well as becoming a certified therapy dog through the Therapy Dog International association.

Although Barbara Jean’s first dog Louie (a white German Shepherd) started her love affair with dogs, it was Smiley who solidified it. Smiley had introduced Barbara Jean to the show world and she was hooked to say the least! Barbara Jean had never been into playing sports growing up (other than horseback riding) but she was most definitely into competition. She went to many many different group classes and seminars always looking to learn as much as possible and then traveling across the state and even out of state to show off her new found skills with this incredible Australian Shepherd’s underdog story. That fire and desire to help a misunderstood dog go from a possible put to sleep situation to a role model canine launched Barbara Jean’s professional career in helping others in similar situations save and rehabilitate their tough cases as well. So when Barbara Jean started her own dog training business, she knew she had to honor Smiley in the process. She also knew she wanted letters for her logo/emblem. Smiley’s registered name was Rainforest Smiles Alot, giving her the initials RSA. It didn’t take more than a minute for the words really special animals to come to mind. It was perfect. So fitting for the exact animals she wanted to work with and the heart and soul that goes into doing so. 

In addition to naming the dog training business after Smiley, Barbara Jean also has the intention of naming a stadium after her as well… Smiley’s Stadium. This will be a place where dog (and other animal) events and competitions will be held. Everything from high end horse shows, to 4-H clubs, county fairs, rodeos, dog shows and so much more. This stadium will be a highly sought out venue known for its good sportsmanship, healthy competition and impeccable conditions.