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About Barbara Jean Crehan

Barbara Jean Crehan is the sole owner and operator of Montana Kennels. These are her personal pack members (both current and past) that she lives, trains and competes with. Professionally, Barbara Jean has been working with dogs since 2001. She has worked in boarding facilities, daycares, grooming salons, training programs, breeding programs, show kennels, pet specialty retail, a veterinarian’s office, rescue organizations as well as activist and awareness groups. This wide range of experience has allowed her to gain tremendous amounts of knowledge and understanding. Although she works with other people’s dogs professionally, personally she works, trains and competes with her own in numerous areas such as obedience, agility and rally; all of which have added to her love and passion for dogs. Over the last 10 years she has expanded her world of dog sports to include barn hunt, happy ratters, lure coursing, fast CAT, precision coursing, dock diving, weigh pull and more. She has also shadowed and studied some of the top trainers and competitors in both the US and Canada. 

Barbara Jean Crehan

She attended Norfolk County Agricultural High School in Walpole where she majored in Canine Science. There she was able to experience animals on all different levels and even got to bring her dog to school with her. She then went on to Becker College to study Animal Care and then to Worcester State University for Business Administration with a minor in Communications. She is a respected member of the International Association of Canine Professionals as well as many competing dog sport clubs and local groups. She is an absolute sponge when it comes to learning and is constantly continuing her education through weekly ongoing classes and seminars on the regular.

As an avid animal lover, horses are her #2 passion. Growing up riding and showing mostly in the hunter jumper world, she then transitioned over to more trail rides and relaxed riding environments. She now rides draft horses and absolutely loves these gentle giants. Her skillset with horses transitions well to her skills and handling of dogs as well. Horseback is where everything else stops and all makes sense again. The peace and majesty of the horses and flying through the air with them is a simply magical experience that will wash away everything else going on in the world. The smell of hay, fresh cut grass and manure has more healing powers than anything else. Viewing the world from horseback is quite frankly Barbara Jean’s happy place. 

Barbara Jean also has had a unique opportunity to both work and live on a farm and wolfdog sanctuary. This experience has allowed her to further educate herself and the public about these animals and the vast differences between them. From the miniature donkey, to the herd of goats and pack of wolfdogs. Everyone has their own personality and Barbara Jean is ever so grateful for each and every one of them and the up close and personal experiences with each of them. 

Barbara Jean loves the outdoors and views mother nature as her church. Finding such peace and solitude in the outdoors, Barbara Jean is enjoying the scenery as much as possible, whenever and wherever possible. This is most frequently on the back of a four wheeler with the dogs running free all through the woods and fields.

All in all, Barbara Jean is an animal lover through and through. She lives, breathes and bleeds animals and has devoted her entire life, both personally and professionally to running alongside them in every capacity. <3

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